Gerash cellular and molecular research center


This research center initiated its activities in 2006. It carries out research on stem cells and genetic diseases like thalassemia, deafness, etc; and also allows students of master’s degree and Ph.D. to work on their thesis. This center comprises of different parts with different facilities.

Its main purposes are:

  • Conducting research (basic and practical) on the diagnosis of diseases and the use of appropriate treatments.
  • Training experienced people in cellular and molecular sciences.
  • Empowering the students and graduates in medical and paramedical fields of study in different levels.
  • Creating a database (through the collection, regulation and classification of articles and documents) associated with the research projects of the center and others centers.
  • Trying to establish relations and cooperation with other research and educational centers in the country.
  • Upgrading the knowledge and potentialities of the scientific faculty, researchers and students in basic sciences.
  • Helping scientific groups with no research centers.
  • Doing research on stem cells.

animal_room Centrifuge co2 fluorescent freezer incubator inverted real_time