About university


Gerash University of Medical Sciences [OR Medical Sciences University of Gerash, OR Medical University of Gerash, OR Gerash Medical University] was established in 1989, after the agreement of the Council of Nationwide Expansion of Medical Universities. Doctor Malekzadeh, the Minister of Health and Medical Education at the time, inaugurated the building of the campus in 1990 in a 170-acres ground located in the northern part of Gerash.

The first round of admissions in the university was in Laboratory Sciences in 2000 (associate degree). The students began their courses in a temporary school.

In 2007, the main campus of the university was inaugurated. The campus includes a mosque, official buildings, educational buildings, an amphitheater and a conference hall, laboratory buildings, dormitories for boys and girls, dining hall, sports centers, Cellular and Molecular Research Center, etc.

The infrastructure of these buildings is approximately 43,600 square meters.  There is also an area of over 26 acres of green space in the campus, containing more than 13,000 trees including palm, citrus and other trees.

The office building is 5,000 sqm.; the dining hall, 2950 sqm.; the mosque, 1200 sqm.; the dormitories, 5100 and 6,200 sqm.; the Classes, 7000 sqm.; and the labs. 13,000 sqm.

All the expenses for the buildings and the green space in the campus was paid by benevolent people of Gerash.


The Development of Academic Fields in the University:

No Fields Degree Starting  date
1 Laboratory Sciences Associate 2000
2 Surgical Technology Associate 2007
3 Anesthesia Technology Associate 2007
4 Laboratory Sciences Bachelor 2008
5 Surgical Technology Bachelor 2008
6 Anesthesia Technology Bachelor 2008
7 Medical Emergency Technology Associate 2009
8 Laboratory Sciences Associate to Bachelor 2011
9 Surgical Technology Associate to Bachelor 2012
10 Anesthesia Technology Associate to Bachelor 2012
11 Nursing Bachelor 2014

 Initiation of Cellular and Molecular Research Center (2007)

The university has 30 classrooms, 8 of which have the capacity of 30 students and are equipped with laptop, video projector and screen, visual presenter. There are also a 305-seater amphitheater, a 136-seater conference hall, a 60-seater hall, and another 30-seater hall with video conferencing facility in the campus.

Currently, Gerash University of Medical Sciences comprises of four main entities: College of Nursing (with three fields, Surgical Technology, Anesthesia Technology and Nursing); College of Paramedical Sciences (with two fields, Laboratory Sciences and Medical Emergency Technology); Amir-al-Momenin Ali (PBUH) Hospital (Educational and Therapeutic Center); and the Health Center of Gerash with its related health facilities.