Since human nature is not possible without communication and human excellence is somehow hidden in the way he communicates with all creatures, especially other humans as the best of creations, then the ultimate goal of public relations is the growth of humans through the improvement of his level of knowledge. Therefore, we consider the following principles as our mission in public relations and consider ourselves committed to their implementation.
1- Belief in the dignity of human beings and try as much as possible to respect the organization's audience.
2- Establishing multi-directional communication without any discrimination between people and organizations.
3- Firm belief in people's right to get information about the status and actions of the organization, as well as reflecting the necessity of their opinions, suggestions and information to the organization's officials.
4- Planning, research in order to create a stronger communication bridge between the audience and the organization using scientific and artistic methods.
5- Participation of the people and contacts of the organization in decision-making and implementation of intra-organizational and extra-organizational programs.
6- Trying to move the laws, facilities and capabilities of the organization towards the real needs of the audience.
7- Complying with the principles of professional ethics and emphasizing the standards of the Holy Sharia in dealing with the audience.
8- Trying to create mutual understanding between management and personnel through mutual dialogue and promoting communication methods between personnel and management.
9- Informing and finding information and reporting the flow of affairs, events and activities to the audience within the organization and the general public of Fahim province in line with the point that knowing and knowing is the natural right of everyone.