Description of university food and drug management duties:
Determining the policy and explaining the general policies of the deputy
Monitoring the functioning of various departments of the Deputy Food and Drug Administration
Coordination between subordinate units, including drug, food and laboratory administrations and relevant units and committees
Planning and determining the strategic plans of the deputy area
Creating an atmosphere of cooperation and cooperation with other internal and external parts in the field of organization and optimization
Providing pharmaceutical, food, hygiene and cosmetic services
Planning and coordination in order to spread the culture of correct consumption of food and medicine in the society
Participating in board meetings and presenting opinions
Forming meetings, committees and working groups as needed
Duties of the drug unit:
  •  Visit active pharmacies
  •  Visiting drug warehouses
  •  Hospital visit
  •  Visiting health centers
  •  Visiting addiction treatment clinics
  •  Visiting unauthorized centers
  •  Drug shortage report
  •  Receive and handle complaints