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On the occasion of Employee's Day:

Celebrating exemplary employees in the meeting of the Board of Governors of Gerash University of Medical Sciences

According to Webda Gerash, exemplary employees (provincial and university) of Gerash Medical Sciences were honored this morning, Sunday, 12 Shahrivar, in the board meeting.

exemplary employee names:
Sadegh Ahmadi Kashkuli / headquarters (provincial)
Ali Akbar Pahlusai / Headquarters (University)
Mansoureh Mansouri / Health (University)
Sakineh Shadmani / Health (University)
Mehdi Mozafari / Hospital (University)
Khadijeh Khaki Nahad/Hospital (University)
Yazdan Shekuhian / Hospital (University)
The honoring ceremony for city exemplary employees was also held on Tuesday, the 7th of Shahrivar, in the meeting of the administrative council of the city with the presence of the deputy governor, in the conference hall of Sheikh Ahmad Ansari University of Medical Sciences, Gerash.
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