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Gerash city nursing system elections:

Emphasizing the maximum presence of the nursing group in the elections of the nursing system of Gerash city

According to Webda Gerash, the coordination meeting for the election of the board of directors of the nursing system, with the presence of the vice president of medicine (chairman of the executive board and the university president's plenipotentiary representative in the elections), the representative of the governor and members of the election supervisory and executive committee, this morning, Wednesday, 29 Shahrivar, in Gerash University of Medical Sciences was held.

In this meeting, while reporting on the performance of the supervisory and executive committee, it was emphasized on the maximum participation of the "nursing group" in this election.

The sixth round of elections for the board of directors of the nursing system will be held simultaneously throughout the country on the seventh of Mehr.

The nursing department (nursing, practical nurse, operating room, anesthesiology, medical emergencies and academic staff members of the nursing system) can participate in this election.

Membership in the nursing system organization and having a nursing system membership card is one of the conditions for voting.


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