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Nowruz visits by the head of Gerash Medical Sciences

Visiting different departments of the hospital and meeting with the staff and talking with the patients

According to Webda Gerash, on the first day of the new year, Dr. Mehdi Mohsenzadeh met with the employees and medical staff of different departments of Gerash Hospital, congratulated them on the new year and was closely informed about how to provide services to patients and clients.

The head of medical sciences also met and talked with a number of patients.

Dr. Mehdi Mohsenzadeh, in continuation of the Nowruz visits, attended the deputy health department, emergency room 115 and the dialysis building and congratulated the employees on the new year.

Mojtaba Rasti, Director of Medical Sciences Inspection, accompanied the Head of Medical Sciences during these visits.

The head of Gerash Medical Sciences had announced before the Nowruz holiday that no services are closed in Gerash Medical Sciences.



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