Gerash University of Medical Sciences until 1404 as one of the comprehensive universities of medical sciences in the region and the country, which will be based on the needs of the community to train religious, educated, free-thinking and entrepreneurial people and in line with the provision of medical and health services based on the national development model The Islamic country of Iran will be the therapeutic pole of South Fars and provide comprehensive health services with maximum coverage and will pursue the following goals:
- Development of medical science education based on transformation packages in the country's medical science education and local needs in line with scientific authority
- Solving the health problems of the people of the city and the covered health area
- The production of science and technology in the field of health through basic applied and developmental research
- Providing health services at all levels (first to fourth) to the covered community
- Raising the level of access to all types of medical services in fields of specialized and sub-specialized hospital to all the people of southern Fars province and neighboring provinces.
- Educating and informing people about changing lifestyles and improving nutritional status
- Planning to identify, organize and attract people's contributions for the development and improvement of the health system
- Directing donors towards research, supporting growth centers and knowledge-based companies