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Call for public tenders:

Construction of Gerash Health Center laboratory

Construction of Gerash Health Center laboratory

Gerash University of Medical Sciences intends to hold a public tender for the construction of the Gerash Health Center laboratory through the government's electronic procurement system.All stages of tendering, from receiving the tender documents to submitting the tenderers' proposals and opening the envelopes, will be done through the portal of the government's electronic procurement system (setad) at the address:www.setadiran.ir  And it is necessary for the bidders to complete the registration process on the mentioned site and receive the electronic signature certificate in order to participate in the bidding if they do not have a previous membership.

The date of tendering in the system is from: 1402/04/04.


Deadline for receiving tender documents from the site: from Monday1402/04/05 to Monday 1402/04/12
Deadline for submission of proposals: from 07:30 on Monday 1402/04/12 to Thursday 1402/04/22
Opening time of envelopes: 10:00 on Saturday 1402/04/24
The contact information of the tenderer's office to receive more information about the tender documents and the submission of the envelope A
Address: Fars - Gerash City - University of Medical Sciences - Management of physical resources and construction projects
Phone: 07152448106 (ext. 246 and 215)
Phone: 09179825450 Engineer Abbasi
Contact information for the Setad system to complete the system membership procedures:
Call center: 021-41934
Registration office: 85193768 and 88969737
The cost of placing the tender advertisement in the newspaper is the responsibility of the tender winner.


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