Honoring exemplary nurses of the country and city

According to "Vebda Gerash", the honoring ceremony for exemplary nurses of the country and the city was held on Wednesday, Aban 24, in the assembly hall of Sheikh Ahmed Ansari University of Medical Sciences in Gerash, with the presence of members of the board of directors, nurses and nurses' families.

Speeches by the president of the university, the vice president of medicine and the head of the hospital, broadcasting clips of nurses' activities, reminiscences and the performance of a traditional music band were among the other programs of the ceremony honoring nurses.

Due to the coincidence of Aban 28 (Nurses' Day) with the national ceremony honoring nurses, which will be held in Tehran with the presence of the President, the ceremony of Gerash University of Medical Sciences and many other universities of the country was held earlier than Nurse's Day.

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