The celebration of the midwife was held

According to Vebda Gerash, the "celebration of the position of midwife" was held on Tuesday, the 19th of Ordibehesht, with the presence of medical science officials of Gerash.
In this ceremony, Dr. Ali Asghar Khaleghi, vice-chancellor of Medical Sciences University, while congratulating the midwives working at Gerash University of Medical Sciences, said: "Your role is irreplaceable and you are the mediators of God's creation and you are the ones who deliver God's gift to families and You make families happy." He said: "Due to the important issue of having children and the youth of the population in the country, your role, dear midwives, will be more prominent than before."
In the end, exemplary country and city midwives, midwives active in the issue of population youth, city-level midwives and senior midwives of Gerash city (Ms. Fereshte Saadat) were honored.
The performance of the Daf group, solo music, playing a video congratulating medical science officials, midwives activity clip and sample midwives teaser were among the other programs of this celebration.
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